Day 10: Chuchi’s Nindo Ex-G Resolutions

Song of the Day: 1/6 Out of Gravity by Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid)

I know I said it once, but ah, for the heck of it: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Don’t you just love New Years?  I especially appreciate the idea of new beginnings and the wealth of opportunities they represent.  For me, though, January isn’t just a month for a fresh new canvas.  It’s also a month wherein we look back on the old piece of art.
Flawed in more ways than one, but a masterpiece nonetheless.  One that  brought nearing equal amounts of joy and pain.  One that has taught me much.

The 2013 obra is full of blacks and shades reminiscent of that of Van Gogh’s heavily violent brush strokes.  In the span of 12 months, I lost my job, got snitched out of a job offer, got diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, hit the peak of obesity and drove myself broke.

But it wasn’t without a smathering of pastel butterflies: I took up freelancing, started this blog , begun Nindo Ex-G and met new people (virtually but still).  Let’s not forget the things to be grateful for, like me still have my loving parents, food on the table and roof over my head and, most importantly, me waking up every single day of that year and even until now.

That, more than anything, is a glimmer of proof that though I am at my lowest point, there’s hope for me to turn things around. So with that, I bid Sayonara to 2013 and greet 2014 with a fond Yoroshiku and a palette of Nindo Ex-G inspired resolutions.

K-On Chibi tea cup

Let’s go, 2014! (Image from

Nindo Ex-G will be one step closer to reality.
This is the core of my set of New Year’s Resolutions this year and I’ll give it my all to make good of it.  Taking in mind the guidelines I presented in my previous work, here are my resolutions by each Circle of Chuchi:

Body (Weight, Diet, Activity, Work, Play, Money)
Stick to workout schedule:  To be precise, I have 30 minutes of cardio (walking/jogging/running) in the morning  and 30 minutes of strength exercises/sports/cross training in the afternoon a day.   I also had it taped on both my desk and my bedside for easy reference.  And for further motivation, I wrote next to it a little something else…
Lose 1-2 lbs/week: I have next  to my daily plan my current weight and waistline of the week.  Since the healty amount of weight you can lose per week is 1-2 lbs, I made it my target range.  And under this resolution, I added Weigh daily which is why there’s the weighing scale right next to my footboard.
Do the Paleo diet, one step at a time:  I was aware of the Paleo diet long before I decided to take it seriously.  At first, the prospect of giving up nearly everything I loved eating (grains, dairy and sweets) was an overwhelming turn off.  But after reading an article about gluten intolerance’s many adverse effects on the body, I gave thought that maybe I am gluten intolerant and decided to give it a try.  Baby step #1: Take out all grains in my diet.  For strict compliance.  Now all I have for carb sources are apples and bananas which I eat in abundance.  🙂
Sleep on or before 10 PM: For some reason, I have been graced with poor sleep hygiene and it’s driving me nuts! Maybe it’s the remnants of those days when I had night duty but seriously, it’s got to stop.  My latest attempt (after reading oodles of sleep hygiene related articles) is to start a ritual before going to bed that involves zero exposure to radiation (computers, cellphones, other gadgets) after 6 PM, take a  bath before bedtime and be in bed by 9.  Whether it works or not (hopefully the former), I’ll let you guys know.

Mind (Knowledge, Wisom, Talent, Focus, Interests)
Complete 2 books a month.  I love reading, I really do.  The problem is, my reading speed as of late is subpar.  I aim to both expand my knowledge and hopefully improve my reading speed with this one.
Get on with writing those short stories/novels.  Isn’t it a waste to have so many story ideas badgering your head yet you’re too lazy to  pen them down?  All right, plot bunnies, I hear you!  I even added to my schedule to write about you guys at least 6x a week.  Happy?  Ouch, don’t bite me!
Win NaNoWriMo 2014.  Please see above.  🙂
Have at least 5 blog posts a week.  I even wrote down my topics in advance (in sets) and tacked them on my corkboard for future reference and motivation.  Expect more regular posts for me from here on!
Learn Japanese.  Part of my learn a new language long term goals!  I already enrolled for Japanese level 1.  Hope I finish with flying rainbows!

Soul (Morals, Virtues, Self-Esteem, Positive Energy, Love and Support, Faith)
Don’t be afraid to ask.  I still have self esteem problems but I’m slowly getting over them.  My first step this year towards improvement is to unchain my inquisitive nature.  After a particular embarrasing experience with my dad, I realized the importance of asking questions and have truly taken that lesson by heart.  Nothing’s wrong with asking so long as you do it nicely.  Especially when you want to get something done.  (puffs out chest)
Be a Novena devotee.  I am especially inspired by the humility and devotion of St. Joseph the Carpenter.  I already have his Novena devotion book.  Now all I have to do is to be more motivated to pray the Rosary.  (lol)
Do self Tarot reading at least once a week.  It’s for the dual purpose of seeking guidance and improving my spiritual abilities.  And yes, I have a deck.  And Tarot experience.  And for all this talk of it being the lowest form of divination, the reading is still one amazing experience.
Do Angel meditations at least three times a week.  I love angels.  I’ve been attached to the thought of these celestial guardians since I was a child.  I have several meditation books on them and hope to have some profound encounters with my guardians.  Share the angel love!

And I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll have this printed and taped to my bedside along with the other post its already there.   (My wall is  in a stunning array of colors by now).

If you managed to reach the very end of this post, allow me to thank you profusely for being patient with me until now.  I’m one flawed Chuchi but I won’t stop working to change myself for the better and am grateful for your support.

Feel the love! (Image from

Have any New Year’s resolutions for this year?  Don’t be shy to share!
I’ll be praying for our continued success.


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